Upcoming Gigs


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4/29 Sirius Channel 121 on John Fugelsang’s, Tell me Everything at 1pm.

5/6 MORNING! show 10:30AM on Compound Media

5/7 Brooklyn BRIC public access channel judging a comedy competition.  Good luck finding it.

5/7 Grisly Pear 8pm Manhattan, NYC

5/9 8 Bit Bros 8pm podcast IN STUDIO

5/17 Molly Malone’s Clark NJ 8pm

6/5 Broadway Comedy Club 8:30pm Manhattan, NY

6/21 BBox Radio 6pm

6/21 Show in Brooklyn, need location though…8pm

You want to book Kevin?  Please do at Kgootee23@gmail.com



5 thoughts on “Upcoming Gigs

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