Movie reviews

Kevin calls Ryan and the Kid to talk about “Nice Guys” and “Where to Invade Next.”

Hear Kevin’s thoughts on “Sisters” and “Very Bad Things”


Kevin calls into Fox 103.1 and gives his thoughts on “10 Cloverfield Lane” as well as “Hot Rod”.

Kevin calls into Fox 103.1 with Ryan and the Kid to talk about “Very Bad Things” and “Sisters.”

Kevin talks about the new Michael Bay film, “13 hours”, and also discusses “Smokin’ Aces.”

Get ready for Kevin’s opinion of X-Men: Apocalypse and Money Monster



Kevin gives his 2 cents to the Fox 103.1 crew about the Revenant, We Are Your Friends, and the Man from UNCLE:


Kevin gives his thoughts on Captain America: Civil War to Fox 103.1 and the gang.

Kevin talks about his thoughts on Woody Allen films:


Kevin talks to the morning guys at Fox 103.1 about the best and worst sequels.


Kevin talks to the boys at Fox 103.1 about 2 oscar films and 2 new to video/cable


Everyone’s favorite punching bag, Batman vs Superman is discussed this week on Fox 103.1.  Is it as bad as everyone says?  Find out as well as hear Kevin’s thoughts on Trumbo.




Kevin watched Pee Wee’s Big Holiday and Zootopia.  Here are his thoughts with Ryan and the Kid at Fox 103.1


Kevin watched Creed and San Andreas and he tells the boys at Fox 103.1 his thoughts on those 2.  Check in every Monday to hear him live!


Kevin talks about The Hammer and Terminator: Genesys with Ryan and the Kid at Fox 103.1



Kevin reviews Dirty Grandpa and Maze Runner: Scorch Trials for the boys Fox 103.1 because again, there’s nothing worth a shit in the theater.



Kevin reviews several Liam Neeson films on cable because there’s nothing in the theater worth giving a shit about.  Check out Kevin every Monday morning on Fox 103.1 with Ryan and the Kid ~8:30am.





Kevin sees the highly anticipated, “Deadpool” and shares his thoughts on it with Ryan and the Kid on Fox 103.1, every monday morning at ~8:30 am.



First movie review for Fox 103.1.  “Concussion”, “Hateful 8”, “The Big Short”, and “Bridge of Spies.”




Reviewed several cult classics that are MUST sees and if you haven’t, where the hell have you been?  “Total Recall”, “Commando”, “Naked Gun”, and “Big Trouble in Little China.”