Money Monster review (no spoilers)


If a better looking Jim Cramer dressed up like the Riddler from Batman and was held hostage…that HAD the be the elevator pitch for this film.  George Clooney plays a used car salesman-esque stock advisor on a financial tv show.  Julia Roberts plays his producer.  BTW, I’m STILL see-sawing on the, “Is Julia Roberts attractive or is she too horselike?” issue.  I’m leaning toward an aged horse but she has a little time left to sway me.  Anyway, a blue collar kind of fella sneaks onto set and takes Clooney hostage on live TV because Clooney gave bad advice on a stock and now this guy is out 60 grand after it tanked.

Jodie Foster directs this script which has a cookie cutter/paint by the numbers feel to it.  Clooney is a thrice divorced, dickish, money consumed, megalomaniac who begins to legitimately take pity on this sad sack.  Roberts plays the producer who feeds Clooney direction and lines to keep him from being blown into salt and pepper smithereens.  Of course, there’s more than meets the eye than just a disgruntled loser who fell victim to bad advice.  A predictable story line of financial corruption that plays into the stock price falling keeps Roberts and her team juggling multiple story arcs.

This film is fine, nothing special.  I’m glad I didn’t pay 15 bucks for it and neither should you.


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